Monday, March 15, 2010

LATEST & STYLISH ENGLISH WORDS (Posted by Nova English Campus)

Here are some effective and stylish words which are funny and common among the native speakers. But be careful not to use them in writing as they're mostly slang.

FLESH-PRESSER = a politician who canvasses votes by shaking as many hands, kissing as many babies and patting as many backs. (The villagers decided not to elect Suresh ,the FLESH-PRESSER, as the M.P)

SHUTTLE-BUTT = a fat girl, especially one with heavy buttocks. (I saw him  with a SHUTTLE-BUT at the Mall)

SHITKICKING MUSIC = any kind of music which makes you get up and dance. (We couldn't help dancing to the SHITKICKNG MUSIC)

CRADLE-SNATCHER = a person who has a sexual relationship with a much younger person.
(He's been living with a CRADLE-SNATCHER for a year)

AIRHEAD = a foolish, silly and empty-headed person. (Why the hell are you behind an AIRHEAD like Mary?)

ARMPIT = a very unpleasant place. (Eg: Tom's workplace is really the ARMPIT of the universe.)

THE BIG APPLE = nickname of New York city. (Life in THE BIG APPLE is very comfortable)

BLAST = an extremely enjoyable party. (Sam's party was really a BLAST)

BREKKIE (BREKKERS) = breakfast. (Have you had your BREKKIE?)

FLUFF = useless/unimportant information. (He couldn't give us anything but FLUFF)

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Shammi said...

Hi Jack, Sorry I couldn't read ur blogs for a few days. Anyway I went through them 2day. It's rocking I think. Amazing that u never fail to post something everyday.

I wish I could do something as interesting as u r doing.But, alas!, I think it's not my cup of tea. It needs guts man..., and only u've got it.
Keep it up.
Eagerly waiting for the next post.

Pooja said...

Dear Jacob ji,

I read your blog daily, it has become my latest habit these days. I may leave a comment or not, you will always find me following you.

Furthermore, I don't think it needs guts, instead it needs the knowledge and desire (to do something different, creative and helpful for others)that many of us lacks, that you have. I like and admire knowledgeable persons. I wish I could spend some more time with you.

Anyway, could you please post a few inspiring thoughts by some great men. I personally love to read the quotes made by great men of history.

Remember my best wishes are always with you.

Rock on!

Your admirer,

Rajeev Kumar said...

it was glittering man.nice to meeting you

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arun dass said...

Hi I'm new reader of this site.your posts are really awesome. And help to improve my communication skill. I hope you keep it up this. Thanks

Unknown said...

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