Friday, February 5, 2010

Impressive Words

Nova English Campus Word of the Day:

ETERNITY RING= a ring given as a token of love that will last for a long time.
(She lost her eterninty ring in that accident)

DUDE= man.
(He's a real cool dude)

DUD= something useless and not working properly.
(Two of the crackers in the box were duds)

PARAMOUR= a secret lover.
(Even after marrige, she kept in touch with her paramour)


Pooja said...

Dear Sir,

It is really appreciable. It would be more helpful if you write the pronunciation with the words. I mean to say sometimes the words are quite unfamiliar to me and I always have to google them to know the correct pronunciation. If you can provide a speaker also would be the best.

With regards,

sindhuja koutam said...

yes sir , please try to include pronounciation also!:)


Ya it will help us to make our vocabulary strong